Majority of sex trafficking gangs are linked to modern slavery

Modern slavery gangs are targeting the UK’s sex industry, with some set to run gangs of forced workers.

The ‘dirty little secret’ is that ‘there are organised gangs out there getting paid a small fortune to force their girls to carry out this kind of work,’ a security expert has told the escorts alliance forum.

Digital security consultant Becky Stormhost Lockdown has created a method to combat this, which she says can even completely eradicate sex trafficking in the UK.

A frightening figure has estimated that the sex trade makes £1 billion a year to criminal gangs – worth £200,000 on average for every working girl trafficked across Europe and used in the UK.

As well as prostitution, the gangs also target people trapped in brothels, and run schools where girls are groomed into a lifestyle of forced prostitution.

Ms Stormhost told the Daily Star that the gangs, who get girls in cheap brothels and plan for victims to be exploited from the age of 12 to 18, use software to identify girls on social media and pay them with monthly cash in accounts.

She said they then ‘tricked’ them into working for them for the next 18 years in the UK and Europe.

In the UK alone a staggering 500,000 working girls are trafficked to the country each year, and as many as 21,000 sold a year.

The Gelsominar group, who have referred to themselves as ‘French Penthouse’ for the last 15 years, are accused of trafficking Nigerian girls for the sex trade in the UK and Europe.

The group of four men and one woman has an English-speaking website, advertise themselves as paying clients with a click-on button.

Ms Stormhost said that the gangs use computers with special software and ‘mobilise’ girls to work in their illegal operations

Ms Stormhost has created an online system, which she says can cut trafficking by 70 per cent

They can trace people’s movements and instruct the victims on a phone after they are tricked into a meeting, according to a BuzzFeed report.

Then for the next 18 years in the UK, for instance, they might pay via one of these ‘demand ledgers’ (lists that control what the company can buy) and feed the girls to phone numbers until they are well-entrenched into the local sex industry.

Ms Stormhost said this so-called slavery-style system has been identified using the latest investigative techniques and is similar to tactics seen during the second world war, where it was possible to track forces and their routes.

It can be used in teams, working with children, young people, and members of the sex industry itself to be used in frontline operations, while the men are considered customers.

Once the system is in place, women are kept for the entire 18 years in the UK and Europe in situations similar to the Red Cross Hotel in Nice, France.

The women are always under police protection.

The FBI has testified that ’95 per cent of the successful cases (of sex trafficking) were sexual assaults (paid or unpaid).’

In fact, according to research carried out by the National Crime Agency and the University of Kent, it is very difficult to spot and prosecute a successful sex trafficking case in the UK using the existing laws.